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    Street Outreach

    The youth outreach team handles many difficult situations in violence prone neighborhoods. OCYO teams can be found wherever problems may arise.…

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    Oakland Skyline

    Looking beyond Lake Merritt and the beautiful city skyline lies West Oakland, a notorious hot spot, and San Francisco’s skyline, the Bay Area’s economic engine.…

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    Vision Statement

    A Strengthened Community working together for a Safer Oakland…

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    OCYO Team

    Teamwork and event sponsorship brings OCYO staff closer to Oakland’s young people. Some will become mentors themselves, others will be subjected to violence.…

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    “Challenged by the relationships between law enforcement, the community, and the media.” The stage is set for a new beginning. It will take a village! It will be a unified effort.…

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    The answer must reach beyond increased policing alone; or firmer gun control policy; or even greater accountability among civic leaders and dedicated city staffers.…



Thanks for visiting our website. It seems appropriate to start this greeting with a brief update on our organization. Above you will see a new “Vision Statement.” Oakland California Youth Outreach, Inc. (OCYO) also has a new Mission Statement which sets the stage for what we hope to achieve in the years ahead. It takes into account our recent journey as well as where we intend to go. Teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are emphasized.

Mission Statement

“We help Oakland’s diverse younger population by interrupting and preventing gang violence; mediating conflicts; improving school attendance & performance; and by developing potentials for personal, job, and career success. From resource assistance for the more capable to in-depth guidance for the disadvantaged, we support our community’s continued transformation – one unique person and neighborhood at a time.”
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Some of OCYO’s greatest successes take place in the school environment. On one hand, specially trained staffers are called upon to guide and develop those students most likely to drop out or participate in gang violence.

On the other hand, OCYO school program specialists have a sharp eye for encouraging those with the highest potentials for leadership and improved academic performance.…

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A unified Oakland. The key to Oakland’s future is  dependent on The Office of Economic Development to a very great extent.  To really make the breakthrough, we also need to depend on the people of Oakland: the leaders, the business people, the non profits & volunteers, the disadvantaged, the young; and the young at heart.…
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Youth/Gang Outreach Service

OCYO provides Youth/Gang Outreach Services City-wide/Targeted Areas in the City of Oakland. These services are provided weekly on a scheduled and off-schedule basis as needed for specific incidents, including crisis response to gang-related homicides. OCYO also conducts Outreach Social/Recreation Activities throughout the year and conducts weekly Evening Gym Recreation activities at various locations in City.…

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